Hot Diggity Dog Grooming & Lodging - For Head to Tail Beauty
Hanging out after a good groomPlay time while getting groomedBig and small they all get along
Here comes BoSchnauzer groomSchnauzer groom
Cocker GroomPretty EyelashesSuch a good girl
Here is ChloeChloe get's a Teddy Bear cut for a PomHere is Ladybug, she gets a lion cut for a Pom
LadybugPlay time for Chloe, Ladybug and DakotaGood Times after Grooming
Chloe is a beautiful cockerChloe gets a short cocker cutBentley is my man! I Love this dog!
He comes in for a Bath, Brush, nails and face trimChillin waiting for momYorkie head with a Topknot.
Wicked comes in  for the $20 bath and brush on Tuesdays. He is a Great Pyranese.Bella gets a teddy bear cut with a topknotFreckle's got a shave down with a fox head and long tail! Sweetest Girl!
Datha's Babies. Hot Diggity Dog's First Clients! Cuz and IndyShort Teddybear cut on Bishon mixTeddybear head on a Bishon mix
Teddybear cut on YorkieYorkie Teddybear headShort poodle cut
Poodle head with clean faceShort poodle cut with clean feet and facePoodle Head
Bear is a LaberdoodleHe gets a shave down  This is Chloe she is a poodle mix
She gets a teddy bear cutThis is Bruiser and BaxterP.J. the Bichon
Coker shaveMohawkGreen and blue dye
Yorkie trimTipped ears teddy bear faceCocker with long eyelasher
G.S. after desheddGiant Schnauzer cutBeautiful Katya
Teddy bear with a topkotclose yorkie cut tipped earsLong teady bear
Summer trim on GoldenShort trim on GoldenFro with a Blue star
Danni a malteese is PINK!Fergi has a pink topknotFergi again a med teddy bear cut
A Teddy Bear Grm by KatHappy after a good groomJasper a little red
A good snooz after a good bathBeautiful malipoo by KatFro by Kat
Remi and PoppyOscarDallas
Cat shavePlay TimePink dye job
Shipoo groomHavanese groom "Pepper"Luna in a pink braid
Golden BodyhawkMultipoo groomSt Bernard trim up
Gus the Spanish Water DogKatie and Bear
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